We are United

Unity is a must to complete any mission. The mission of making the world green has united us and some local garden clubs and helped us work peacefully together in Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs.

We Love Green

Making a green world by gardening is our motto. We want to live on a planet which is occupied with green trees and plants and where people can breathe fresh air easily.

Our Extra Ordinary Features

Government Authorization

Because we are a government authorized organization we do not have to face any problem with our activities like organizing fair, concert, workshop, road camping and social programs .Rather government  helps us financially and mentally  in our activities and this is our organized events have always run smoothly.

High Profile Garden Specialists

To help with gardening ideas, knowledge, disease treatment solutions, we have a branch of garden Specialists .These experts are our friends in combating the many pitfalls of gardening. Actually because of  these people and their services our federation has become popular .

Nonprofit Federation

We have not been running our federation for 8 years with the intention of earning profit .We offer free membership to new garden clubs  so that they can easily join in the federation. We also sell garden equipment with a lower price and profit make it affordable for everyone.


Making the world green and keeping the atmosphere safe from greenhouse effect by gardening and planting. We have assembled local gardening clubs in our federation which is situated in New Jersey , United State to spread the advantages of gardening. We help to spread knowledge of gardening ,tips and disease solutions etc among people so that people become inspired about gardening and show interest in making a garden. If we can inspire even a few people to take up gardening as a hobby we have achieved our goal.


  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan

    Founder and President

    Richard Morgan was the founder of Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs. He was planning to unite local gardens club to work united to implement his dream of making the world green. Delaware Federation of Garden Club is one of the steps of implementing his dream. He’s now working hard to implement his dream and try to engage the remaining garden clubs in his federation.

    • Emma Watson
      Emma Watson

      Co-founder and Plan developer

      Emma Watson is our president’s best friend and co-founder of our federation . She’s working as a plan developer enthusiastically. The plans of organizing fair, concert to make people convinced  about gardening  were hers. She is very talented and artistic indeed.

      • Joey Judson
        Joey Judson

        Head of Garden Specialist

        Joey Judson who has a PHD  in gardening and is working in this federation from the first year. He knows a lot about gardening and never hesitates to share his knowledge with us. He solves maximum garden related problem of our member clubs. We really are lucky having to have a high profile specialist such as him on our team.

        Our Offers

        Free Joining Offer

        Unlike other Federations we do not take joining fees to join in our federation. We have made our federation free for all the garden clubs to be our member so that they can join easily. This facility broadens our reputation actually. We are not in pursuit of profits. We just want to make this world green by gardening and making people aware about gardening. If you are a members of garden club which has not been member of our federation  then do not delay. Make your gardening  club a member of our federation.

        Free Consultancy

        We consult gardeners regardless of whether they are members or not. If anyone wants to know how to take care of a garden or asks us about any problem or disease of his plants we try our level best  to help them. Sometimes we do not hesitate to go to their gardens to investigate the problems and diseases and give them solutions.

        Teaching Gardening Programs

        Those who want to learn how to make a garden we are the best. We help with the  utmost assistance to them to learn gardening through our teaching program which has being happening  every month in our office’s large garden. If you want to join in our workshop what you have to do is just inform us  that you want to join in our learning program. You can use the contact section to do so.

        Lovely Words

        ROGER, Maple Leaf School, Cherry Hill.

        Last month's Delaware Federation of Garden clubs came to our school for arranging a program about gardening .They taught us  the methods of making a garden ,tips of keeping it safe etc. I was very inspired with their teaching and sat up to do a garden in my house' yard. Actually it's a good federation .Every country must have such  a federation in my opinion .They are indeed working hard to make a greener planet.

        ROGER, Maple Leaf School, Cherry Hill.
        Marry, Toms River

        I wanted to use my empty space behind my house for any productive work. So I planed to make a garden in it. But I did not know how to make a garden and I wanted to learn making a garden .When I came to know that Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs offer  teaching gardening programs every month I contacted their office and expressed my desire .They cordially welcomed me and after hearing my desire they wanted me to visit on a day fixed day when the program would be held .On a fixed a I went to their office and joined in their program. I have learned a lot from them and found them very helpful .Now I know how to make a garden perfectly.

        Marry, Toms River